How it all started...

In what is today an overflow gravel parking lot…. mask the spiritual beginnings of a holiness movement…. that would sweep the century. In 1919, the Methodist Episcopal Church was deeded this land to build a new community church for the residents of Summit, Kentucky. The church would encompass the hopes and dreams of the community to celebrate a risen God through a church that authenticated their love for their faith, family, and farms.
By 1927, the congregation had shifted more towards the City of Ashland and the church site was no longer needed. But, God was not finished with this humble wayside church. In May of 1927, the Methodist Episcopal Church would sell the land along with its contents to what would become the Pilgrim Holiness Church for $1.00.
Once again the words of the Holy Scripture were preached with passion and conviction until the early 1940’s. The seeds planted two decades before grew roots that would stretch to the property across what was Summit Road. By 1942, the upstart Church of the Nazarene, only founded in 1908, would extend her reach into the Summit community through the birth of Summit Church of the Nazarene at 310 Summit Road.
Under the leadership of Rev. Oakley the church would lay the foundations of the holiness message to be spread far-in-wide. Throughout her decades of service this humble brick church, on the corner of what we know today as State Route 716 and Oakley road beckoned families to come.
Her vibrant halls were filled with laugher of the children playing in the nursery, deep conversation about the days happenings could be overheard in the fellowship hall, bible studies tucked in classrooms, and in her sanctuary - rousing sermons from traveling evangelist and ministers from the Church of the Nazarene.
Summit Nazarene was and still is a family church. From her earliest days, families gathered in their Sunday best, children learned the bible through district quizzing, the youth hosting car washes to raise funds for future outings, and couples found love, and got married at her altar. The fabric of who Summit once was, in days gone by, is still found the fabric of who she is today.
During each phase of nearly 80 years of the life of Summit Nazarene God has sent her the right shepherd to lead her flock.
For every season in the life of the church God has used his called pastor-shepherd to carry forth the dreams and vision that he planned for Summit. From a new congregation, to a design and construction of a fellowship hall, through remodeling of sanctuary, to laying the foundation of a new church that we enjoy today. God has been guiding his people.
In 2012, God’s people ventured out once more to take hold of the “God dream” that had been placed on the property since 1919. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, God chose 2012, as the time to birth the next chapter in the life of Summit Nazarene.
Under the leadership of Pastor Tim Daniels, members of the church board, and congregation turned ground to expand Summit’s footprint. What was once a God-dream, became a reality in the summer of 2015
Even in the midst of celebration, the leadership laid the foundation of a future project to complete fully Gods dream for his property.
In early 2019, one hundred years since God birthed the first church on this property, and nearly 80 years since Summit Church of the Nazarene took hold of the holiness mantel, the church board began to dream of finishing God’s plans for his property. Through the stewardship of Dr. Desmond Barrett and the prayerful direction of the men and women that make up the current Summit Nazarene board, today we embark on finishing what was birthed nearly a decade ago.
Today we launch a five-year giving campaign called “Kingdom Builder’s” as we finish writing one chapter and prepare for a new chapter and decade to come.
Kingdom Builder’s is unique in that we are not asking for pledge. We are asking for prayer.
Would you be willing to commit to praying about what God would have you invest in a promise between Him and you? Would you be willing to commit to praying over the next five years for God’s move in the life of his church? Would you be willing to commit to praying for God- dreams to be fulfilled in the life of the church?
Your leadership, the Church Board, has identified six areas of need to complete God’s dream birthed nearly a decade ago.
Area 1: Pave, paint, and gravel parking lots. Completed
Area 2: Expand the Fellowship Hall. Completed
Area 3: Complete the second story Teen Wing/Coffee Bar/Storage.
Area 4: Complete the second story Children’s Wing/ Storage/Bathrooms.
Area 5: Invest in World and Local Missions.
Area 6: Complete signage outside on building, and add an electronic signage.
As you can see, several of the areas are already moving forward. Your leadership voted this past summer to use funds to jump start Kingdom Builders, and today we are asking you to prayerfully consider joining with them over the next five years.